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Wine Charms...Dress Up Your Drink
Dress Up Your Drink wine charms are inspired to pair with every personality and any libation. Whether it's a casual get together, fancy dinner party, or simply a glass with dinner, when you Dress Up Your Drink, you'll have a personal touch with every sip! 
All charms are hand-crafted
   (by me)--a Virgo
  • Great as adult party favors
  • Every charm is a piece of handmade jewelry for your drink
  • Perfect hostess gifts 
  • Styles, colors, sizes, and themes available for every personality
  • Whimsical, novelty, and 'classy' crystal varieties to choose from
  • Pairs perfectly with every wine
  • (Also helpful for those who constantly ask, "Is this my glass?")
  • Great addition to a bottle of wine for sparking conversations
  • Excellent gift for all wine enthusiasts
  • Packaged in beautiful organza bags for clean, easy storage
Wine Charm Quiz:
  1. Already own loads of wine charms?  
  2. Did they come from a box on a shelf?  
  3. Where were they made?  
  4. Are they fun, but not quite you?
  5. Do you find yourself looking at charms wherever they are sold?
  6. Did you ever imagine wine charms could double as a photo album?
  7. Did you ever secretly wish your charms could celebrate your guilty pleasures from the past? (Can you say cheesy pop stars from the 80's?)
  8. Have you ever given someone a bottle of wine and wished your gift could be more personal or extend beyond 750 ml?
  9. Have you ever had your wine glass disappear on you as the night moves on?
  10. Do you see where this is heading?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider Dress Up Your Drink wine charms from Take Things Personally.
Invite us to your next event and let your guests choose
  • A la carte displays allow for a free-spirited assortment
  • Color or stylistically grouped sets create a thematic approach
  • Whimsical novelty images spark fun-filled conversations
  • Your own photos provide the ultimate in personalizing your charms
  • Engraving available on select charms
  • Be it Sinners & Saints, Star Trek Villains, favorite sports teams, or downright presidential....If you can imagine it, we can make it.  
  • (Brainstorming consultations welcomed!)Support local crafters.
Contact us for your next charity or fundraising event.
Also makes for a great Mug Hug...
In fact, anything with a stem or handle will look better when you Dress Up Your Drink.
Contact us today, don't delay-- kristen@takethingspersonally.com
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