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SALE: Introductory prices--$20 for Set of 6 Hipster Mini Cup Sparkly Wine Charms
$30 for set of 6 PAC MAN Fever or Get a Clue Wine Charms...Scroll and save!
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Hipster Mini Cup Sparkly Wine Charms
Set of six reversible wine charms have a hipster flair ready to sparkle or shine. Introductory price-$20 limited time
Price: $20.00
Here I Come to Save the Day
Need a hero, or just a little happy? This mighty tike paired with a glass of vino will do the trick!
Price: $7.00
Choose a different 'hero':
Mother of Dragons
Okay, so the brother had to go, and we miss the hunk. Most of the greats have been killed off. You choose four of your favorites. "Winter is coming," and it is going to be another great season!
Price: $28.00
Enter your 4 GOT characters (past and present available):
Spruce Your Seuss
Set of four wine charms for the Geisel fans in us all! (Great as Mug Hugs too!)--VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES
Price: $20.00
Suit Me Up
Classic up-cycle cards to suit even the best poker faces! (Includes 1 of each suit.)
Price: $25.00
Marital Bliss
Send us 6 of your photos from a favorite event and we'll create 6 wine charms on up-cycled Scrabble Tiles. BONUS- Choose one image for a FREE key chain!
Price: $48.00
Email us the 6 photos. Please specify if you have specific color preferences.:
Mix of Six
Let us select an eclectic mix-of-six handmade wine charms for you. Why stay in one theme? Be bold and let us decide!
Price: $25.00 $20.00
If you have any specific aversions to specific colors, lusters, textures, or themes,please note them here:
Dog Lovers
Enjoy this array of doggie treats for the dog lovers who also enjoy a little vino!-Customize with your favorite colors (neutral tones shown).
Price: $28.00
Bead colors, if other than shown:
Bride & Groom
This is a great pair for the newlyweds! Accent it with their favorite color. Each pair $14
Price: $14.00
List color(s) to accent:
Go-Team-Wine Charms-(Any Team)
Set of 6 images of your favorite team or collection of sports jerseys set in a 1 inch flattened bottlecap.--You choose & we'll do the rest.
Price: $36.00
Enter team name and any specific images or players you'd like us to use. Contact us if you have any questions.:
Up-Cycled Cork Wine Charms
Fun, colorful, set of 6 up-cycled cork wine charms. $24.
Price: $24.00 $14.00
Bead color preferences:
Out of Your Skull Wine Charms
Set of 6 differently colored skulls to keep track of your 'poison' of choice!--Not just for Halloween. (Available while supplies last.) Was $36, now $25!
Price: $25.00
Spell It Out-4 Letters
N-E-A-T or spell your 4 letter word of choice! (You may also select random letters.)
Price: $20.00
Letters Chosen:
List color preferences for surrounding beads.:
Neon Gumdrops
Neon colored, gumdrop inspired set of 6 wine charms. Take these home and give them a spin around your stem--such fun!
Price: $24.00
Football Fanatics
Your choice of 6 football favorites. Images set in a 1 inch flattened bottlecap. A perfect 6 pack for $36.
Price: $36.00
Choose your team and favorite players. Contact us with questions.:
Santa's Helper
Let these personalized wine charms help you keep track of your drinks for sure!
Price: $8.00 $6.00
Enter name and initial. Indicate initial's color. (pink, black, or blue):
Time Warp Quartet
Celebrate your sips with these travel icons. Set of 4 for $28
Price: $28.00
College Pride
Never drink alone again! Order these wine charms a la carte for your favorite alma mater. Great gifts for college grads!
Price: $7.00
Enter school name, please be specific!:
Sparkly Snowflakes
Delightful sparkling snowflakes warm any wintry sip. Limited supply
Price: $28.00 $24.00
Vacation Dreamin'
Enjoy this colorful stone set of 6 wine charms... Let them transport you to your vacation destination with every sip! These look great around any stem. (Limited Quantities)
Price: $36.00
Favorite Book Covers
Game of Thrones, Best-Selling book covers shown on up-cycled Scrabble tiles. Choose these, or request your favorite collection. (All genres welcomed, not exclusive to a book series!) Choose 6 titles.
Price: $42.00
Enter your favorite book titles here. If you'd like a preview sent before buying, just email us and we'll confirm images before customizing.:
Oscar Themed Wine Charms
Choose 6 of these winners, or request nominees you would have chosen!
Price: $42.00
Enter 6 Movie Titles:
Lucky Charms
Wrap your drink with some luck! Clover wine charms $6 each--LIMITED QUANTITIES.
Price: $6.00
Surrounding Bead Color--As seen, or enter your favorite color!:
Rhinestone Sparkle Ball Drops
Choose 6 of your favorite colors for $40. These wine charms are a perfect combination of fun and fancy...Not just for New Year's!
Price: $40.00
Enter color preferences here. Be sure to list 6, or you can leave it to our suggestion.:
Spell It Out-6 Letters
Spell out a message with 6 letters.
Price: $30.00
Letters chosen.:
Color preferences for surrounding beads.:
Mardi Gras Madness
Disguise your stem for Fat Tuesday or any night! $7 each--LIMITED QUANTITIES.
Price: $7.00
Choose your mask::
Glistening Gumdrops
Colorful shimmering set of 6 wine charms.
Price: $25.00
Crystal Quartet
Set of 4 crystal wine charms. Clear, topaz, emerald and sapphire shown. Other colors available, please specify.
Price: $28.00
Other crystal colors include-Garnet, amber, light pink, ir. blue, peridot, ir. purple, turquoise, ir. smoke, ir. teal, lt.blue, champagne, and black.:
Vintage Car Themed Wine Charms
Set of 6 vintage car themed wine charms.
Price: $42.00
Doctor, Doctor
Iconic travelers. Need we say more? Set of 6 for $36.
Price: $36.00
Positively Presidential
Choose 6 of your favorite chiefs for a wine charm selection of historic proportions. Images mounted on Scrabble tiles.
Price: $42.00
Presidential Portraits Desired (If you would like bead colors other than shown, please specify. All presidents available.):
Jingle Your Drink
Four colorful over-sized jingle bells are sure ring in the fun! Specially priced at $20
Price: $20.00 $16.00
Drops of Summer
Summer inspired set of 4 wine charms.
Price: $25.00
Funny Vintage
Set of 6 sassy wine charms that speak for themselves.
Price: $42.00
Tie one on!
Set of 6 neckties to dress up your drink!
Price: $42.00
6-Pack of Moustache Wine Charms
Six assorted mustache themed wine charms set in a one inch bottlecap embellished with colorful beads. (Choose 6)
Price: $30.00
Moustaches designs desired--pick 6:
Specific color families you like/don't like. If none selected, we will make aesthetic selections.:
Scooby & The Clue Crew
Set of 6 Scooby and friends wine charms mounted on up-cycled Scrabble tiles.
Price: $42.00
6 images of other cartoon characters you prefer. Surrounding beads will highlight colors in images.:
God's Eye Wine Charms
Set of 6 differently colored God's Eye wine charms to help keep an eye on your drink when you can't.
Price: $24.00
Pink Ribbon
Celebrate the survivoring, the struggling, and the remembered.
Price: $1.00
Enter color family for surrounding seed beads:
Graphic Images
No waste with scrapbooking here! Fun graphics mounted on an up-cycled Scrabble tile.
Price: $7.00
Color familiy for scrap paper:
Get a Clue
This throwback set of 6 wine charms is perfect for a night of mystery and fun! Introductory price, just $30.
Price: $30.00
If you even knew the 80's existed, you'll know why everyone needs this set of 6 fab wine charms. Introductory price, just $30.
Price: $30.00
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