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layered bottlecap necklaces**Finally something for boys & girls**
Selecting jewelry can be so difficult, especially for children.  (One daughter is a Luna Lovegood fanatic while the other rocks out to Taylor Swift; meanwhile, their cousins are sports nuts)...Children are on the go (as they should be). Their jewelry should be as durable and unique as they are.  (My older daughter never had any luck with necklaces until I started making these bottlecaps!)
Now they can have it all, when you Take Things Personally.
Why Bottlecaps? (Bert collected them after all.)
Using bottlcaps as a canvas for jewelry design has opened the door to limitless possibilities: beautiful, playful, and of course, personal.  The back of the bottlecap is ideal for the ultimate in personalizing...engraving a name, message, or dedication by hand.  Take a look at the photo gallery to see just how versatile and fun both the 1" and 1/2" bottlcaps can be.
What Types of Images/Designs Can You Use?
  • Pictures of friends/family (especially great for BFFs or loved ones who are far away)
  • Pets/Animals
  • Trendy patterns
  • Letters/Symbols
  • Sports Jerseys
  • Characters
  • Scanned Artwork (What a perfect gift from a child to friends and family!)
  • Favorite sayings
  • The list goes on...
Favorite sayings with colorful background
Only Necklaces?
No, but mostly. 
We use made in the USA stainless steel ball chains, which are available in 18"(short) and 24"(long), but can be cut to keychain or a bracelet size.
What Else?  (Yes, Scrabble tiles too)
I am always looking for fun new ideas to enhance or change-up what I make.  At Take Things Personally, striving for the perfect match between person and personality is a priority.  Up-cycling, muliti-media, flat, or dimensional...it's all up for grabs.  Email me with your wildest ideas and we'll make it work! kristen@takethingspersonally.com
Ideal as Party Favors or any Celebration
Contact Kristen today and see how we can create truly personalized treasures!

Jewelry could prove as a choking hazard. 
Not intended for children under 3. 
Items are water resistant, not water proof.
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